The IPSE project has public deliverables (such as reports, tables, figures etc.) and internal deliverables (such as project guidelines, consortium agreement etc.)

Below is the list of public deliverables:

D1.1 Report "Conceptual framework of computational policy research"

D2.2 Report "Comparing Irish and Northern-Irish tech clusters"

D3.1 Report on the conditions under which the innovation project success and failures create and capture economic value for the firm

D3.2 Report on the conceptual and empirical rationale of the econometric modelling process and outcomes Figures

D5.2 Project Guidelines

SP1 Dataset on Irish patents, 1978 - March 2012

      • Visualization as treemaps (interactive)

      • Visualization as networks (interactive)

SP1 Dataset on Irish publicly funded R&D centres, 2003 - 2014

      • Visualization as a network (small)

      • Visualization as a network (big)